New app for Japanese market squares, says company’s founder

New app for Japanese market squares, says company’s founder

November 26, 2021 Comments Off on New app for Japanese market squares, says company’s founder By admin

The Japanese market square is becoming a popular place to sell things like food, drinks, and electronics.

Now, a startup in Japan is trying to change that.

Market Square is an app that connects people with market square owners.

People can purchase a product or service at a market square for the cheapest price.

They can then choose to pay a fee for the service or buy an item from an individual seller.

Market Square’s founders, Masato Okawa and Shigehiro Hirano, have raised $1.7 million from SoftBank Group Corp., SoftBank SoftBank Ventures, and Tencent Holdings Ltd.

to launch the app in March.

Market square owners can earn up to 50% commission on sales and 50% on purchases.

The app is not yet available in Japan, but Okawa said he hopes to get it on the market by June.

The market square can be used to sell food, clothes, or electronics to customers in a specific neighborhood.

Okawa says the app has a wide range of services, including selling things like a camera, a camera lens, a guitar, and a car.

The company will also add a marketplace section to its app that will allow users to shop for a specific item, such as a camera.

The app has been available in Japanese since 2015, but it has yet to reach markets in the U.S. and Europe.

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