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Manhunt for ‘Burglary of the Heart’ suspect intensifies after a manhunt for an alleged burglar begins in central market

June 18, 2021 Comments Off on Manhunt for ‘Burglary of the Heart’ suspect intensifies after a manhunt for an alleged burglar begins in central market By admin

A manhunt has intensified for a burglar who was allegedly involved in a robbery at a Brisbane home and has now been charged with murder.

Key points:Police said the suspect, aged in his 20s, was last seen on CCTV on July 25 and police said he was known to the familyThe man’s brother has confirmed he knows the suspect and said he has been missing for several daysThe man is believed to have burgled the house and stole valuables in a bid to steal moneyThe man was seen by a relative on CCTV at the family home on Friday night.

Police said on Saturday he was last heard from on CCTV outside the house on July 24.

He is understood to have stolen valuums from a family member, the man’s partner, and the man and his sister’s brother.

The suspect is believed in his late 20s.

Brisbane Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gorman said it was believed the suspect’s partner had been with him on the night of the robbery.

“We’ve had a number of calls about the suspect that have been missing from the home for a number, probably two weeks or so, so we’ve had to do a bit of work on this one,” Assistant Commissioner Gorman told reporters on Saturday.

“We’re trying to locate the suspect.

He’s not the only person that we’ve got that is missing.”

Police are keen to speak to the man because of his known involvement in the burglary.

“The family member has confirmed to us that he knows this person and has been reporting him missing,” Assistant Chief Commissioner Gormley said.

The man will be charged with robbery and burglary of a residential property.

A man is still being sought for a burglary of another home in Brisbane’s north on July 26.

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