Case study 1

Study type : Market Size Estimation for car accessories

Research type : Quantitative research

Client : Leading car manufacturer

Project in brief : Face to face structured interviews were conducted among owners of passenger and commercial vehicles to understand the type of accessories installed and replacement cycle for each. The results were projected on the entire population to get market size estimates for accessories like front parking sensor, rear parking sensor, remote start and lock, rims, rugged rims, hunting lamps, tail lights, door side steps, head lights, anti-theft alert system, mud guards, xenon lights, air bags, fire extinguisher, mobile holders, seat covers, seat cushions, floor mats, wifi, speaker, bluetooth etc.

Case study 2

Study type : Customer feedback for auto-show

Research type : Quantitative research

Client : National car distributor for leading car brand

Project in brief : Face to face quantitative interviews were conducted among the auto show goers at the time of exit. Respondents were asked to rate overall show and then ratings for each car displayed were captured along with the accessories. Evaluation was done on parameters like relevance, uniqueness, purchase intent, reasonable price, maximum price.

Case study 3

Study type : Employee Satisfaction

Research type : Quantitative research

Client : Leading two wheeler manufacturer

Project in brief : Self filling quantitative questionnaires were administered among the respondents which were the blue collar workers at the manufacturing plant.

The study helped give relevant insights to the management on the satisfaction levels of the workers at different grades and with different years of experience with the company.