Case study 1

Study type : Net Promoter Score (NPS) of coaching brand

Research type : Quantitative Research

Client : Leading national level after school coaching service provider

Project in brief : : App based self filling questionnaires were administered among the students. The client is provided with live dashboard to track responses and view results. Etyma Consulting Group ensures complete anonymity of the respondents to give them confidence to share frank and honest feedback about the institute and individual faculty. ECG also helps the client to track year on year NPS score and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Case study 2

Study type : Effectiveness of teaching software in classroom teaching

Research type : Hybrid Research (Observation, Qualitative and Quantitative

Client : Teaching software startup

Project in brief : An extensive research was conducted among the students and teachers at schools using the client software. The students were evaluated on English skills before using the software. This was followed by use of software to teach under test conditions, where a trained researcher observed the interaction of teachers and students with the software to understand the advantages and pain points of the software. These sessions were followed by focused group discussions with students to understand there usage and attitude with the self learning segments of the software. Finally the students were evaluated at the end of test period to quantify the improvement in the spoken English skill set after using the software for a period of 1 month.

Case study 3

Study type : Concept Test among learners preparing for competitive examinations

Research type : Qualitative Research

Client : International English Exam Conducting Body

Project in brief : Depth Interviews were conducted among learners to understand their current learning process and to test the proposed concepts for their effectiveness and acceptance among the target audience.