EQFI Indian School Rating 2017

Dear Ma’am / Sir,

Greetings of the day!

For the first time in India, a massive and comprehensive survey of schools is being conducted by Etyma Consulting under the aegis of the Education Quality Foundation of India (EQFI) in order to arrive at the ratings for the Schools in India.

The ratings of the schools will be published in all the leading National dailies and regional vernacular newspapers. Also, there will be an award function in which the leading schools will be awarded in their respective categories. At the end of the survey, EQFI will also publish a directory of schools in India which will benefit not only the schools but also the parents who are keen on getting admissions for their ward in your school. Our endeavor through this survey is to arrive at those critical insights that would enable parents to choose the right school for their wards.

Care has been taken to include all the schools for this survey. For this very reason, we are reaching out to you to get your feedback on a few parameters that some of the parents have handpicked to be absolute must-haves in a school.

We are very conscious of your busy schedule and have designed the questions to be easily answerable in less than 10 minutes. We urge you to answer all the questions because your ratings will get affected with no/incorrect response(s). We do request you to participate by answering all the questions. In case we do not receive the responses we would be collecting information from the public domain which we conclude would have the correct requisite information.

To express our gratitude for your participation in the survey, we will be sharing the top-line findings from the survey with you even before the report is released at a National level.

In case you are facing any difficulty in filling the survey and need our help please drop us a mail at

Please answer the questions below


1. Name of school :

2. Phone numbers
(Please add the area code in case of landline number) :

3(a). Complete Address :

3(b). City :

3(c). Pincode :

3(d). Year of establishment :

4. Board of Affiliation :

5. Name Of Principal :

6. Principal Contact Number :

7. Principal Email ID :

8(a). Do you have a website:

8(b). Enter Website :

9. When was your website last updated?
(choose any one)

10. Approx. number of students
(choose any one):

12. Total no. of classrooms in school
(choose any one):

13. Average fee per student per month
(choose any one):

14. Name of trust or society of school:

15. Please give a brief description about your school which you would like to highlight to the readers of the report and the prospective parents. (You can talk about the key highlights of infrastructure, pedagogy or school ideology which you feel are your unique offering):

16. You may also send us images of your school which you would want us to publish in the directory:

Please mail us the image at
You can attach a maximum of 5 images

17. Key achievements and awards to school (Pls specify, if the school has won awards or recognition from government or any independent organization in the field of academics, or student facilities or for any breakthrough progress in the field of education):

SECTION 2(a): School Infrastructure

18. Infrastructure of the school
(multiple choice):

19. How many of your classrooms are provided with air conditioning?
(single choice)

20. Is the entire school building air conditioned?

21(a). Do you use any health check-up and maintenance solution on an annual basis?
(Note: please mark yes only if you have an annual program for health maintenance in collaboration with a professional health care service provider)

21(b). Does your school have a library?

21(c). Does your school have a Math lab?

21(d). Does your school provide transport facility to the students?

SECTION 2(b): IT Infrastructure

22. Does the school have an online payment option?

23. Is the school using any ERP/ Software for parent communication?

24(a). Does the school have computer lab?

24(b). If yes, please let us know the approximate number of computers in the lab(s):

24(c). Which brand(s) of computer is the school using?
(Multiple options)?

25(a). Does the school have English Language Lab?

25(b). If yes in Q25(a), does the English language lab use the same computer lab:

25(c). If no in 25(b), please let us know the approximate number of computers in English Language Lab?

26(a). Is the school using digital classroom solution?

26(b). If yes in Q26(a), please let us know how many classes are digitized?
(Single Option)

26(c). Please name the digital classroom solution provider?
(Multiple options)

27. Do you have a robotic or innovation lab in your school?

SECTION 3: Student Facility

28(a). Do your students go for international education travel on a regular basis?

28(b). If yes in Q28(a), do you have any exclusive tie-ups with professional organizations for organizing such trips :

29(a). Do your students go for domestic education travel on a regular basis?

29(b). If yes in Q29(a), do you have any exclusive tie-ups with professional organizations for organizing such trips :

30. How do you currently sell text books and stationary?
(Single option)

 Students are given a list of books and stationary and can buy from anywhere
 Authorized vendors sell the books on school premises at the time of admissions and new session beginning
 Students are given a list and they can buy from one of the authorized vendors, but not on the school premises
 Any other way (Pls specify)

31. Which of the following facilities you have for safety of students?
(Multiple choice)

 CCTV camera on campus
 CCTV cameras in buses
 GPS tracking of buses
 Emergency helpline number
 Medical emergency room
 Fire safety exits clearly marked throughout the school campus
 None of these


We thank you for your time and feedback.
Best regards,
Team Education Quality Foundation of India and Etyma Consulting Group.