Field Work Automation

Data Collection Apps for Mobiles and Tabs, Online Survey

With the increasing pressure on management the need for near real-time data has become all the more pressing.

  • This coupled with the advances in technology has provided tools to Marketing Research firms to collect data quickly and accurately.
  • ETYMA Consulting group provides customized tools for automating survey data collection.
  • We work with leading Marketing Research firms as well as product and services companies for developing automated data collection tools.
  • We specialize in survey programming, smart phone and tablet app development for research purposes

Online and Offline Data Collection

Online Mode

In online mode, the data gets collected through live unique link shared with each respondent through email or messaging technology. They can only share feedback when they are connected to internet, which can be accessed through laptop, desktop, tables, smart phone or any device connected with internet through web browsers.

Offline Mode

In this the survey gets downloaded to the system like laptop, desktop, tablets, ipad, smart phone etc. and is available for interviewing at the ease of the respondents. No internet connection is required while interviewing and once the survey is completed one can SYNC the data with server through net connection to transfer the data to centrally located database.

Tools for Field Work Automation

Our team is experienced in developing survey apps for mobile devices like Smart phones, Tablets etc.

We also develop highly customized and complex web-based surveys using tools like;

  • IBM SPSS Dimension
  • Confirmit
  • QuestionPro etc.

We provide end-to-end solutions in automated data collection, right from designing the survey, to fielding and providing the final data is required format.

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