Parent's Choice - Feedback Survey

The purpose of this small survey to to help the schools understand what parents expect from the schools. This way we can improve the quality of education overall. It will not take more than five minutes to answer this survey. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to give time for feedback.

Your contact details will not be used for marketing or to make personal references to your feedback.

A.  What is the name of the school you are going to give feedback on?


B.  Select Country    

C.  Select City or district    

D.  Write city name, if not available in the list

  1. How likely you are to recommend the school you mentioned to your friends and family on a 0 to 10 point scale where 0 means highly unlikely and 10 means highly likely?

  2. How would you rate the school on the following attributes on a five point schale were 1 means very poor and 5 means excellent?

    1. Reputation of the school
    2. Quality of teachers
    3. Quality of campus and classrooms
    4. Communication with the parents
    5. Helps build excellent character
    6. Helps students develop confidence and social skills
    7. Technology and facilities support
    8. Sports and fitness facilities
    9. Art, literature and cultural activities
    10. Value for money

  3. If you have any suggestion to the school so that they can give better quality education, please write below